Project Description

12L 25 Pound Meat Fillers Sausage Stuffer Machine

12L 25 Pound Meat Fillers Sausage Stuffer Machine

Model: ST-CV12

Capacity: 12L / 25Lbs

Cylinder Diameter: ∅219x320mm

Dimension (LxWxH): 300x330x630mm

Net Weight: 15kgs

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Steel with spray-painted structure, S/S treoil nut and screws.

Dual metal gear with 2 speeds.

The unique two-speed design allow a high speed to raise the piston quickly for filling the cylinder, the low speed for filling the casings.

“90 degree” steel with spray-painted hand crank for easier cranking.

Stainless steel cylinder is removable for easy filling and cleaning.

Stainless steel piston with air release valve.

Heavy-duty rubber gasket seals the cylinder to prevent leaks.

Includes 4 plastic filling tubes: ∅10mm, ∅20mm, ∅30mm, ∅40mm, length: 180mm.

Stands on four rubber feet.

Made entirely of stainless steel in accordance with strict international hygiene standards.

Manual operated.