Project Description

2 Deck Electric Pizza Oven

2 Deck Coutertop Electric Pizza Oven 4×12 Inch Pizza



SpecificationTemperature RangeChamber Size


Stone Size




STP-2220V/50Hz8.84×12 Inch,

2 Decks

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Strong iron material with black painting coating.

4 pieces 12 inch pizza each deck.

Inner brick hearth board can absorb the heat, quickly for baking delicious pizza.

Visual glass window design and built-in lights to view the baking.

With smooth drop down door.

Individual thermostats in each layer, independent temperature control.

Temperature adjustable thermostat up to 450°C.

Double control of bottom and top.

With the timer, adjust the time for cooking.

Equipped with a set high-quality thick thermal-insulating layer.