Project Description

Electric Convection Ovens

5 Trays or 10 Trays Restaurant Equipment Electric Convection Ovens Pizza Ovens

ModelTypeCapacityVoltagePower (KW)Tray Size (mm)Dimension (mm)
STC-5DElectric5 Trays380V/50Hz9400×6001110x900x810
STC-10DElectric10 Trays380V/50Hz18400×6001110x900x1310
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Stainless steel structure.

Inner equipped with rotary heating fan hot air circulation system, making the temperature stay uniform.

3D Heating element around the fan, the hot air distributes and circulates evenly throughout the oven.

Automatic temperature control system, which make the baking environment under the best.

With steam injection function, maintain the humidity for better taste of the food.

Equipped with high-quality thick thermal-insulating layer.

Double tempered glass, with heat insulation performance and high-temperature resistance.

Insulation door sealing strip.

Built-in lighting, high temperature resistance and explosion proof.

With omni-directional wheel.