Project Description

Fermentation Proofing Machine

Bakery Equipment Bread Bun Pizza Proofer Machine Fermentation Proofing Machine With 16 Trays

ModelSpecificationVoltagePower (KW)Dimension (mm)
ST-XF-6A6 Trays220V/50Hz2.5500x700x1100
ST-XF-13A13 Trays220V/50Hz2.5500x700x1750
ST-XF-16A16 Trays220V/50Hz2.5500x700x2020
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Stainless steel structure.

Classic knob controll key, it’s easy to operate.

Precisely control the temperature and humidity of the dough fermentation.

Temperature Range: 20℃ ~ 85℃, Humidity Range: 10% ~ 110%.

Hot air circulation technology: the temperature and humidity up and down are uniform.

Equipped with built-in fan.

Safety water tank system: the tank is equipped with water level limit line, easy to check the water tank to prevent dry burning.

Automatic water inlet system: the water tank add the water automatically when the water evaporates, so the humidity of the proofer is stable (80% – 85%), very good proofing effects.

Stainless steel shelves, the distance of shelves is adjustable.

Equipped with a set high-quality thick thermal-insulating layer.

Double layers tempered glass window.

Embedded handle design.

With 4 wheels.