Project Description

Double Decks Electric Pizza Ovens

Double Decks Biscuit Electric Pizza Ovens For Bakery

ModelVoltagePower (KW)SpecificationDimension (mm)N.W. (kg)
STD-2-4DB380V/50Hz13.22 Decks, 4 Trays1250x820x1300125
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Stainless steel for the front and the strong iron material with black painting coating for other 3 sides.

Large capacity baking area.

Advanced far infrared heating tubes to heat the food rapidly and uniformly.

Double control of bottom and top, heat controlled separately.

Safety over-temperature protection device, more safer and secure.

Built-in temperature probe, constant temperature automatically. Accurate temperature control to prevent temperature difference.

Built-in lighting, high temperature resistance and explosion proof, master baking conditions at any time.

Visual double glass window design, prevents heat from getting out.

The door opened at an angle of 180 degrees to facilitate push trays into the oven.

Black plastic doorknob, heat resistant and easy to open.

Equipped with high-quality 8cm thick fiberglass cotton thermal-insulating layer, effectively save energy.

Equipped with accessories and trays.

With omni-directional wheel.

Optional Function: add baking stone to baking pizza; equpped with steam function.

Application: bread, cake, pizza, biscuit, roast chicken and other kinds of meat.