Project Description

Pastry Dough SheetersFolded Pastry Dough Sheeters

Floor Standing Stainless Steel Industrial Bakery Pastry Dough Sheeters With Belts

TypeVerticalVerticalVerticalEuropean Style (with foot switch)
Roller Width380mm520mm650mm520mm
Roller Adjustable Range0.5~38mm0.5~38mm0.5~38mm0.5~38mm
Max. Dough Weight3kg5kg6.5kg5kg
Conveyor Belt Size1700x360mm2160x500mm2400x630mm2160x500mm
Dimension (LxWxH)2100x810x1050mm2560x950x1062mm2815x1100x1065mm2740x950x1050mm
Folding Size810x670x1330mm950x670x1560mm1000x670x1600mm960x700x1600mm
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Folding structure, save space.

Special design, the thinnest thickness can be pressed to 0.5mm, uniform thickness.

Two-way transmission with speed (fast or slow) by your option.

Adopt the unique sprocket drive, lower noise, lower cost, extend service life.

Roller through a special process, so that dough is non-stick and less scratch.

Conveyor belt imported from Europe, durable and sturdy.

Electric components imported from Germany, prolonging the life of the machine.

Stainless steel safety guard to ensure operation safety.

With 4 wheels.

Easy to operate and durable.

Easy to clean.

Application: croissant, hand tear bread, egg tart, flaky pastry and other pastries.