Project Description

meat tenderizing attachment

Meat Tenderizing Attachment With Standard Universal Hub 27 x 2 – 125mm

Model: ST-TS527

Max. Cutting Width: 5 inch / 125mm

Meat Size: Width 125 x Thickness 20mm

Quantites of Knives: 27×2

Dimension (LxWxH): 280x170x280mm

Net Weight: 5.3kgs

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Stainless steel structure, polished finish.

Standard universal hub, available for electric type or handy type. (Electric Type: available for meat grinder and food mixer with #8, #12, #22 standard universal hub.)

Raisonne stainless steel knives inside, two rollers with 27 knives each.

Lengthened entrance and outlet, much more safe.

Complies with hygiene standards.

Easy to disassemble and clean.