Project Description

meat tenderizers

Stainless Steel Hand Operated Meat Tenderizer 37 x 2 – 175mm

Model: ST-MTS737

Max. Cutting Width: 7 inch / 175mm

Meat Size: Width 175 x Thickness 20mm

Quantites of Knives: 37×2

Dimension (LxWxH): 330x185x290mm

Net Weight: 7.3kgs

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Stainless steel structure, polished finish.

Raisonne stainless steel knives inside, two rollers with 37 knives each.

Lengthened entrance and outlet, much more safe.

With removable stainless steel base (with suction cups for stable placement).

Aluminum-alloy crank.

Complies with hygiene standards.

Easy to disassemble and clean.